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The ultimate add on to your lip game! Lip Strobes pack a punch with pearl-complex shimmers and subtle glitters that sculpt your lips from every angle.


This shimmery, molten-lava, coppery, gloss reminds me of autumn time Upcountry, which is why I named it "Olinda" an area near Makawao where coffee beans, olive orchards and forests thrive.


Infused with pearl-complex, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vanilla and Vitamin E.

This gloss is non-sticky with cushion-like texture, "Olinda" is applied with it's heart-shaped flock, which glides on generously for an even coat in one swipe. You may also apply and blend with fingertips on the apples of your cheeks or eyelids for an extra pop of color.


Always Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free!

Made with Aloha!


Fun facts:

Mark Twain (My 6th Cousin) once lived on Olinda Road!

Jimmy Hendrix's "Rainbow Bridge" concert was held in a cow field just off Olinda Road!




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