"Ironwoods" Lustre Lipgloss - This sheer shade of blackberry & merlot, reminds me of Kapalua's "Ironwoods Beach" lava cliffs, where many of my Maui brides get married.


"Hana Bay" Strobe Lipgloss - Inspired by East Maui's Hana's Red Sand Beach, "Hana Bay" is rich in amber hues with crushed pink pearl complex. Sheer to full coverage, lip gloss with iridescent, pearl complex & subtle glitter.


"Molokini" Strobe Lipgloss - Imagine light peachy-pink pearls crushed into a frosty lipgloss and layered upon your lips.That's "Molokini" Lip Strobe! Created by demand, this shimmery gloss kisses your lips with a light peachy-pink frost

"Pa'ia" Collection