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reviews for Kymberly marr cosmetics

Kymberly Marr Cosmetics Lippie Collection

PC: @rollandandjessica

Kymberly Marr on Secret Beach, Maui

PC: @rollandandjessica

"Rockstar Lipsticks!!

I've tried a lot different types over the years...and Kymberly Marr Cosmetics is better than all of them. Ordering as gifts for big birthdays for my friends, and wrap presents when we work on movies. "Big Beach" is my go-to every day. "Hana Bay" adds the pop and makes me feel I'm headed to a party. Lasts a long time, doesn't wear off like others. Excellent - Renee C.

"As an aesthetician and makeup artist for 37 years I've used everything and I have to say yours is top notch! It's right up there with the best! It stays on, creamy not drying. I"m getting more colors! You did a great job!" - Marcet W.

"Awesome new product line and only found on Maui!! Great gift idea and you can give gift cards. Check out this new fabulous long wearing make up line. The creator and product are pretty special." - Maryann M.


"Cleanest makeup. First makeup that deosn't  give me an allergic reaction. Stays on longer than any other." - Maureen B.

"Love Mine! I highly recommend! I've not found a long lasting lipstick that didn't dry my lips out until now! Kymberly Marr long-lasting is amazing. They're hydrating and the colors are awesome. I use the red "Lahaina" and the pink "Wailea". With or without a mask the color stays put. I also love "Lipstrobe" gloss collection. It's luxurious: feels great on, I use "Sugar Beach". Try them out, you'll be thrilled!" - Becky P.

"I'm loving my lip gloss and mascara! I ended up putting on the mascara and then switching up my plans and working out. (I normally don't put on mascara if I'm going to exercise) and I literally had sweat dripping off my face and not ONE SMUDGE. What kind of witchcraft is that? And the gloss is the perfect shade and feels amazing." - Sky R.

"I just wanted to share my excitement and love for not only my friend Kymberly Marr, but her new long wearing liquid lipsticks and gloss line she came out with!! Super soft, yummy vanilla scent, feels so good not goopy or too liquidy.. she is an amazing makeup artist here on Maui and I am so happy for her and my lips!! "Sugar Beach gloss, a great everyday on it' own or over any color. Thanks Kymmy!!" - Joanna C.

"So that gloss is the absolute PERFECT shade and it feels just like a balm (which is a good thing). Thank you so much!" - Don C.

"I have to brag because my friend Kymberly Marr, who I met in Maui 17 years ago, has launched her own lip gloss brand. I watched her go from a makeup up loving, Madonna dancing, black lace wearing beauty, to an empowered and talented female entrepreneur with her own company. She has been featured in many magazines as a makeup artist for brides and actors and she even taught herself how to do face painting for children. She is beautiful and loving and has been a vegetarian all about animal rights, cruelty-free beauty products as long as I've known her. We used to go to the makeup counter together with handfuls of lip glosses then head to the nude beach after church. She just launched her brand of Kymberly Marr lip glosses and you must try her lip gloss because it is just perfectly formulated she has a gloss and a matte finish. I tried her stuff it's amazing! Not dry and crumbly, just pure coconut and vanilla heaven. Thank you for supporting my friend and her new adventure. She just launched this product on the Fourth of July and she has inspired me beyond measure. A girl from Kansas who went to Maui with $40 in her pocket and is now living her dream. Now YOU can wear it on your lips. Matte, long-wearing, hydrating, liquid lipstick, 100% Clean Beauty, Vegan, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Gluten-free. Based on Maui, HI. Made in the USA. - Hayden H.

"I love the mascara! I have small, think lashes & all others I try, just make clumps. Yours does not. Can't wait to try the lippies! Thank you!" - Joyce D.

"I tried the lippies and in love. Softest lips ever! High quality ingredients and best of all supporting local!"- Stephanie N.

"Best lip products ever! Can't wait to try the mascara!" - Joelle L.

"Wow, so silky and smooth!! Great product and stays on with long lasting comfort!" - Mary Ann M

"I'm in love with these new lipsticks and glosses!! by my very talented friend Kymberly Marr. Yesterday's pick was "Fleming beach" red with "Lahaina" red gloss. Check out her online store for all the colors and her newly released mascara! A great way to support a small local business.  - Maija S.

"I wear mine ever single day, it's the best!!!" - Sarah C.

"The obsession is real!!" - Bootzie

"Ok I have to Brag about my friend Kymmy's Logo!! It's so beautiful and luscious just like she is and her gloss too! Buy it, try it! She is an inspiration and she is super talented and sweet as could possibly be. She never ever gives up. She's creative. She is a Hustler. She won't stop! She has the cutest gap in her teeth. Please go to her page, support her and love this Logo! She has so much love to give and she is a great example of someone who just puts it out there and try's new things. She pushes past the fear, past the lack of working capital, past the haters. Omg! I cannot brag enough!!! " - Hayden H.

"Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful I truly appreciate all that you did! You are so talented and it was such a blessing to work with you. - Kyani 

"My new favorites!!!" - Wendy A.

"I love it!" - Darci S.

"All I have to say is wow, you did an awesome job on these beautiful lipsticks and glosses! I am so in awwww with the look the feel and the beautiful packaging. I love it!" - Kristina M.

"Supporting my favorite island and peeps with this pretty Maui lip gloss!" - Christi M.

"I have "Maui, "Baby Beach" and "Lahaina"! I can't express enough how amazing it feels on my lips! Support local!" - Jessica E.

"I must say that I have never and I mean NEVER applied a lipstick as creamy as yours! Magnificent!

I LOVE THEM! I LOVE YOU!!! You made my day today!" - Cathy B.

"So excited to try these!!! Thank you, Kymberly Marr!" - Megan H.

"So excited to try them!!" - DeLinda G.

"I Love it! It's so me!" - Marie-Claud.

"I'm telling you, I love it! You won't be disappointed!" - Jennifer B.

"Mixed my "Maui" and "Little Beach" today for grad parties....I love your lip gloss!!!!" - Hallee H.

"I love pairing "Makena Bay" matte with "Secret Beach" gloss." - Kristin T.

"I am in LOVE with your gloss! Love the color the feel just everything about it!! You nailed it!!" - Jennifer B.

"Love my Lahaina" - Lekili

"So excited to try these beautiful new lip colors and gloss!!"

"I put it on and lasts all day. NOT drying and does a great job of moisturizing lips." - Mary Ann M.

"Love my lipstick!" - Fatima N.

"FOUR hours later and under a mask! Still on!! - Toni P.

"I love the way you made me look....and you are the only makeup persona I can say that about." - Carmel L.

"My daughter was so excited to get them!" - Kristina M.

"I loooove it" - Kat .

Here you go ladies! Ironwoods Beach lip color with Hana Bay gloss on top. Love these colors!!" - Danielle B.

"OMG!! Look at what finally arrived all the way from Hawaii!! I feel like I know a celebrity! The packaging is beautiful and the color is bomb! I can't wait to add this brand, color and MUA to my collection!! Way to go! - Sarah C.R.

"Ahihi Bay with Hana it! It smells so good and is so moisturizing!" - Monique H.

"Kymberly I love these colors!! So pretty!! You definitely have amazing products that you should be very proud of!!" - Danielle B.H.

"Look what I got!! Can't wait to try them!!" - DeLinda G.

"I love my Little Beach lip gloss" - Sandy W.C.

"Just received you wonderful lip gloss!! Thank you for the sweet note and remember that Makena Cove was where we got married last year! I really can't thank you enough for being such a sweet soul and calming spirit on my wedding day! You truly are talented and I can't wait to try more of your products!! Best wishes and much aloha from Oregon! " -  Sara K

"So excited when I got this in the mail today!! So many fun memories playing in my mom's makeup. Still remember scrubbing it off of your face before you went home. So proud of you Kym!" - Darci G.S.

"I love my Sugar Beach lip gloss!!!" Lee A.

"Loving my new lipsticks and lip gloss from my forever friend Kymmy. We met in Norway way back when and I'm so happy to support her dream." Caroline S.

"I love my new lip glosses!" Sarah C.

"Really, love, love, love. You have done an amazing job! The long wear and glosses are so yummy! Mike loves my new lips too! Than you for sharing." - Rebecca N.

"Maui" arrived today! Can't wait til morning to put it on. The swatch on my hand looks great! Mahalo!" - Sharon A.

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