Fill in Sparse, Thin Eyebrows, Perfect Your Arch, Add Depth & Length
with Safe, Semi-Permanent, Natural-looking, Eyebrow Tattoo.
What is "Microblading"?
Microblading is a semi permanent tattoo, also known as Brow Embroidery, 3D Brows, and Feather Stroke.
Using a small pen with a very fine, single-use-blade. Pigments are deposited into the upper layers of skin, creating, crisp, natural-looking hair strokes.
Each microblading stroke is applied individually allowing the tattoo artist to control the shape, color and density, recreating the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows.
This technique provides a means to help fill in missing gaps of eyebrow hair, raising the arches and extending the length of the brows, creating a more youthful look.
A wonderful way to wake up and not worry about putting your eyebrows on before you leave the house and because microblading is semi-permanent the effects last approximately 1-3 years with minimum touch-up.
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