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Cruetly-free, high-quality, synthetic, 11 piece brush set made with Aloha.

$27.00 Value


Brush Hair: High Quality, Cruelty-free, Nylon fibers.
Brush Ferrule: Aluminum, Rose-gold color.
Brush Handle: Handmade Wood, Matte black finish.

Brushes are packed in individual PVC bags with zipper for protection & sanitation.

Can be used wet or dry with cream or powder formulas.


The 11 Piece Eyeshadow Brush Wardrobe includes:

Powder Brush (Grande)

Set your foundation with this high quality, animal-friendly, grande, powder brush. Use with loose or pressed powder.


Foundation Cream Brush

Apply liquid or cream foundation with this high quality, animal-friendly, foundation cream brush with nylon hairs. May also be used with moisturizer, serum, cream blush or cream highlighter.


Contour Brush

Apply pressed bronzer or "Liquid Sunshine" with this high quality, animal-friendly, bronzer brush with nylon hairs.


Blush Brush (Grande)

Apply your favorite blush powder with this high quality, animal-friendly, grande, blush brush with nylon hairs.

Blush / Highlighting Brush

Apply your favorite blush or highlighter powder.


Lippie Brush

Strategically apply your favorite lippie with my detailed "Lippie Brush".


All Over Eye Shadow Brush

A large, paddle-shaped, eyeshadow brush with soft and plush bristles. Ideal for picking up just the right amount of eyeshadow to apply base color from the lash line to the top of the brow bone. Perfect all-around eye shadow brush. That should be part of everyone's basic brush collection.


Blending / Setting / Touch-up Brush

Multi-faceted, dome-shaped, tapered, soft bristles, blends & smudges eye shadow crease, softening harsh lines and edges.  

*Seamlessly set concealer with powder around eyes and nose.  

*Excellent to use as a touch-up brush for any fall-out or apply highlighter on small areas of the face.


Angle Eye Shadow / Blending Brush

Rounded-angled brush makes it easy to apply, blend & diffuse eye shadow in the corner crease, and all over the eye lid. Perfect for contouring, smudging & blending.

*Fits perfectly below brow bone to add highlighter.


Cream Blending Brush

A versatile, multi-use brush for eyes & face. Flat, gently rounded & tapered brush designed for applying cream eyeshadows and concealers.


Dual-ended, Angled Brush with Spoolie

The perfect, three-in-one tool for impeccable eyeliner and defined brows.  Expertly apply liquid & cream eyeliner with the angled brush as it glides along lash line.  Shape, fill in and define brows with angled brush. Use Spoolie to brush & groom brows into place.

Pair with “Haleakala” eyeshadow palette for out of this world beauty.


Always Cruelty-Free and Made with Aloha!

Value $27.00

11 Piece Brush Wardrobe

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