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I use this product on EVERYONE!

From Rock-Stars and Grooms to Brides and Models.

I apply this luxurious, moisturizing treatment to so many body parts! (Not just lips but cuticles, elbows, knees, eyebrows, etc.)


This intense, moisturizing lip treatment instantly melts from a creamy balm into a silky oil.  

Providing long lasting hydration and renewed smoothness.

  • Revitalizes lip area. (Great for sunburned or chapped lips!!!)
  • Plumps lips.


  • Gardenia & Rose Extracts soothe & hydrate lips and provide protection against free radical aggressors.
  • Shea Butter provides intense moisturization, while softening lips.
  • Coconut, Olive & Castor Seed Oils hydrate & soften lips.
  • Apple & Orange Peel Extract, Fruit-Derived Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate to ensure lips are soft & smooth.



Rose Lip Mask

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